Monday, November 23, 2009

Classic Penis Pasta Post: Bachelorette Party

Some screen grabs from "The Party" (1988).

I can't say I'd recommend watching this feature film, but it did yield some classic bachelorette party moments. Here are some of its better ones....

Classic way to propose to your lady is on a rented raft.

Didn't realize they had The View in the 80's. But more than that, I didn't know it was standard procedure to invite the press in for your bachelorette party. I guess some things we will never figure out.

Invite a young Catherine Keener to your party--it'll be way better!

I can only wish I will live long enough to give my granddaughter crotchless panties for her wedding night.

Thanks, Gramma!

Unveiling the "donkey"...'s not a party 'til someone fellates a clown.

But it can't go up to eleven until someone sets off the party alarm!

I appreciate the attention to detail they've paid--turning around the toy as well as the dudes.

Get this woman some chocolate, a drink, or a penis STAT!

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